Time to action your Healthy Ageing Plan!

Healthy Ageing with Jo

After four Healthy Ageing articles, we’ve been invited to speak to several community groups, with some individuals choosing to join us at Clubfit. We’ve also learned of a lady who threw out her margarine, a gentleman taking off his shoes to feel the wet grass under his feet, and another who is now doing Tai Chi at the local church hall after reading our articles. It’s been a pleasure to inspire readers in the Bay to live their best life.

If you’re still thinking about it, let’s bring all the self-doubt, uncertainty, and fear to an end! It’s time to trust your body, temper your mind and live your life to the fullest of your Healthy Ageing capacity.

Bring this article into Clubfit, either in Greerton or Baywave in May or June 2021, and we’ll help you to design a Healthy Ageing plan to suit your lifestyle, irrespective of if it’s with us or not. This is our duty and responsibility as a trusted health & fitness facility in the Bay.

Like many at the higher and wiser ages in life, we can hear daily of someone who has taken ill or more sadly, has left us. Bizarrely no one really knows when we’ll be called to leave this incredible life. So take a deep and invigorating breath, make your decision, and start your Healthy Ageing journey today.

Book a time for your complimentary healthy aging plan by emailing me: [email protected]

As published in the Weekend Sun, June 11, 2021