Aqua Aerobics

With two of our facilities located at some of Tauranga’s premier aquatic facilities, it seemed obvious to include access to aqua aerobics classes in our memberships. Visit the membership page to see if you’re eligible to attend or keep reading below for more information including costs and times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AquaFit Aqua Aerobics?
A great cardio workout that provides all the benefits of exercise, plus the use of water also supports the body and reduces the risk of muscle or joint injury.
Is it right for me?
If you have old or new injuries, partake in regular high intensity activities, have weight issues that make it hard to sustain a work out, get sore joints when you work out, or just like the thought of exercising in the water, come along and give Aqua Aerobics a try!

Aqua aerobics is suitable for all ages and all fitness types – please let your instructor know if you do have any health conditions so they can give you the best advice and support for your individual needs.

Where can I join a class?
Talk to the reception team at Baywave Aquatic and Leisure Centre, Greerton Aquatic and Leisure Centre, or the Mount Hot Pools
Baywave: 07 577 8550
Mount Hot Pools: 07 577 8551
Greerton: 07 577 8552
Do I have to be a Clubfit member?
Not at all! Although aqua aerobic access is included in some of our memberships, anyone is welcome to come along and participate in a class. You can see the prices below for the cost of a one off class or a 10 class concession pass.


Along with concession passes and one-off lesson options, aqua aerobics classes are also included in some Clubfit memberships. Click the button below to learn more about our available memberships.

Adult - Per Lesson


Adult - 10 Lesson Concession Pass


Baywave Timetables

Greerton Timetables


A combination of assorted moves from high impact and low impact using the resistance of water and aqua equipment.
A 45 minute dynamic, fun endurance class with flotation belts and equipment. Aqua Jog offers a combination of core, balance, strength and cardiovascular all in one.
This is a shallow water, low impact, cardiovascular workout. The high intensity blasts of cardio from the pool floor or suspended to imitate deep water targets the heart rate and helps to improve cardiovascular fitness and strength endurance.