Let’s Build Your Healthy Ageing Plan

Healthy Ageing with Jo

A gym member recently came back to Clubfit after 18-months off and complained about how much weight she’s put on. How her health has deteriorated and how disappointed she was in herself for being so slack! It made me wonder…who benefits from this type of conversation?

Letting go of the past is just as important as starting your new health regime. In fact, if you focus from where you are right now, without guilt or berating yourself, you’re more likely to appreciate your gains in real time. In fact, praising yourself for the small wins will stop the self-sabotage.

Whatever your health priorities, creating positive lasting change through being regular with your new healthy actions and acknowledging your positive behaviour is the best way to start.

Stress Less
Start your plan with 5-15 minutes of mindfulness at the beginning and end of your day. For example: sitting peacefully focusing on your breathing or download a helpful app, there are many that are free and will guide you through your mindfulness.

Move More
Move for 20-minutes every day. Use a treadmill at the gym, dance around your living room, do tai chi. Whatever movement you choose, move consistently at an easy achievable level to start with and most of all have fun!

Stay Hydrated
Multiply your bodyweight in kilograms by 0.03 this is how much water you need to drink every day! 70kg x 0.03 = 2.1 litres.

Don’t Eat Junk Food
Recognise that you need to replace processed/packaged food with wholefoods and increase the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables in your daily intake.

Sleep More
Go to bed before 10:30pm every night and see what happens!

And finally, here are the 5 Daily Rules to help you succeed:
1. Commit to doing your very best
2. Be kind to yourself
3. Start afresh everyday
4. Believe that you WILL achieve
5. No matter what, never give up!

Until next month, start as you mean to go on, and never look back!

Send me an email at: [email protected] and we can work on your healthy ageing plan together.

As published in the Weekend Sun, April 1, 2021