A little help to succeed

Healthy Ageing with Jo

Embarking on your Healthy Ageing Plan is a choice that starts with just you, but will quickly impact on those around you, so why not include them?

There will be times when your motivation will wane. Excuses like “it’s raining outside, again” or the temptation to stay in bed in the morning is just too much. Causing you to slow down or give up on your Healthy Ageing Plan, it happens to all of us.

Here are tips on how to surround yourself with reasons to succeed:

Buddy up – sometimes just working out with a good buddy is enough to keep you (and them) going!

Join a class – there are informative and fun classes in the type of activity you’re seeking both face-to-face and online.

Find your expert – based on your philosophies and preferences; find and pay an expert to support you.

Become part of a community – join a gym like Clubfit and receive the support you need to set and pursue your goals in a fun, friendly environment.

Create your own group – grab a bunch of friends and commit to achieving a specific goal over a specific timeframe – together!

Mix it up a little – do things that bring you maximum joy and that creatively inspire you. This triggers the ‘internal happy juice’ which will keep you striving healthily forward.

Giving up or quitting is not an option, because the quality of your life is far too important to ever step away from your Healthy Ageing Plan.

If you need some help getting your plan started, email me: [email protected]

As published in the Weekend Sun, May 7, 2021