The Best Years of Your Life

What is the definition of a great life? Even though western society says that 65+ years of age is considered ‘old age’, being in this age group doesn’t automatically mean that physical life becomes harder or less rewarding. In fact, having optimal levels of health, fitness and wellness has more to do with your attitude, habits, and the positive actions that you take.

Often we’re shown an image of over 65’s being frail and needing special care whereas more Kiwis are opting to be active in their retirement than in all previous generations.

Being weak and frail is about, if we don’t use it, we lose it. So, if we don’t walk, walking becomes hard, if we’re not strong, lifting things becomes hard, if we don’t stretch, doing up our shoelaces becomes frustrating, at any age!

In short, to successfully progress safely and effectively, it’s important to receive expert advice about the type of exercise, frequency of trainings, intensity of your workouts, and to learn how to perform the movements correctly to get the best results.

Just like our Clubfit senior members who are making significant improvements to their health and wellbeing, your body is incredible because if it’s given the gift of regular exercise, nutritious food and stimulating social engagement, it will give back to you a higher quality of life, physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

How you age is and has always been your decision. So, what will you choose for the best years of your life?

Joanna Melbourne

As published in the Weekend Sun, November 19, 2021