Timetable for Clubfit
A combo of self-defence disciplines such as karate, boxing & taekwondo to raise fitness whilst reducing fat & cholesterol.
Using weights to music to tone & condition all muscle groups whilst increasing metabolic rate for rapid fat burning. Great for increasing endurance, strength & overall fitness. Try a combo class with CXWorx (Bodypump 35mins/CXWorx 30mins) or Bodystep (Bodystep 25mins/Bodypump 30mins) or an express class.
This class combines Yoga, Pilates & Tai Chi using strength whilst enhancing relaxation,
& mediation.
A high energy cardio workout using height adjustable steps (supplied). High intensity, fat burning intervals are followed by muscle conditioning to shape & tone the entire lower body. Try a combo class with Bodypump (Bodystep 25mins/Bodypump 30mins).
EXPRESS CLASSES – A great option if you have always wanted to try a class but never quite felt confident enough to do the full version. These classes have a 40 min format & are also great if you want a quick, fun & motivating workout. You might also use it as an introduction to a class you have never tried before.
LES MILLS SPRINT is a 30-minute workout of high intensity, designed using an indoor bike to achieve fast results. LES MILLS SPRINT™ is built on the science of high-intensity interval training.
Using resistance bands and weight plates Les Mills Core provides the vital ingredient for a stronger body. A stronger functional core supports you in your workouts and everyday activities.
RPM® & SPIN classes – High intensity cardiovascular class using different resistances on the bikes, a great class for rapid fat burning.
HIIT training from this 30min class means you burn calories for hours after the workout, increase your aerobic fitness, grow lean muscle tissue and burn body fat. Showing up for a GRIT series class means your session will be either GRIT strength, GRIT athletic or GRIT cardio.
We will surprise you when you get there. Just be prepared for a hearty workout!
Works on the total body, developing strength, stamina, toning, flexibility, balance as well as improving the mental body through concentration, awareness & the ability to relax.
Pilates is a complete program of mental and physical conditioning. It specifically stretches
and strengthens all major muscles groups through a specific series of movements and
breathing techniques. All levels of fitness and strength are welcome to join.
This latin dance class combines fast and slow rhythms for an effective aerobic workout that boosts your cardio endurance, strengthens your core and improves flexibility.
This 30 minute class is tailored to those who are looking to increase their total body strength for activities of daily living or those returning to exercise.

First class FREE!
$5.00 per class
$45.00 for a 10 visit pass (prices for entry to Full Function classes only)
Free to all Clubfit members

This class is designed for those new to or returning to exercise looking to restore and improve strength, muscular endurance and cardio fitness. This 30 minute class begins with a warm up, progresses to a circuit of full body exercises and finishes with a short stretching session.

First class FREE!
$5.00 per class
$45.00 for a 10 visit pass (prices for entry to Full Function classes only)
Free to all Clubfit members

This workout session is part of our BLITZ series. It has the same short and sharp intensity of BLITZ while incorporating boxing bag work and focused core strengthening movements. Suitable for intermediate to advanced fitness level. Limited space, bookings are ESSENTIAL.
If you’re looking for a training session to push you to your maximum, BLITZ is the one! A modern day circuit where no two sessions are the same. Beware…you will be challenged, and you will love it! Due to the popularity of this programme, bookings are ESSENTIAL.

Aqua Aerobic Classes

For gym & swim members

AQUA FIT – a combination of assorted moves from high impact to low impact using the resistance of water & aqua equipment. Please note: Monday morning class begins at 8.45am, & the Saturday class begins at 8.30am.
AQUA ZUMBA –​ a 45 minute Latin inspired dance fitness pool party. Designed to improve cardiovascular and coordination while having fun.
AQUA MOVE – a low intensity 45 minute deep water class using flotation devices provided. perfect for beginners or people returning to exercise. You will be coached through all the suitable moves to start you on your aqua aerobics journey.
AQUA DEEP – a 45 min dynamic, fun endurance class with the use of flotation belts/equipment. Aqua Deep offers a combination of core, balance, strength and cardiovascular exercise all in one.
AQUA CARDIO BLAST – This is a shallow water, low impact, cardiovascular workout. The high intensity blasts of cardio from the pool floor or suspended to imitate deep water targets the heart rate and helps improve cardiovascular fitness and strength endurance. You’ll be sure to have a laugh in between breaths in this class.
AQUA COMBAT BLAST – Strike, punch and kick against the resistance of the water. This is an energetic class combining mixed martial arts, kick boxing and boxing in the water. Lots of fun and a great way to improve cardiovascular fitness and strength.

Club Gym

  • Gym equipment and facilities
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • RPM / Spin Classes
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Personalised Programme

Club Gym & Swim

Also includes:

  • Aqua Aerobics Classes
  • All the Pools in the Aquatic Centre
  • RPM / Spin Classes
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Personalised Programme
  • Spa / Sauna / Steam Room

Casual Session

Alternatively, a casual session is:

  • Adult Gym only $15 – Gym and Swim $22
  • Student (with I.D.) $12
  • Senior (65 years) $12