Hi, I’m Mark Berry, a personal trainer, group fitness, and fitness instructor at Clubfit.

I’ve worked in the industry for 10 years now and have gained knowledge and experience in a variety of different roles. 3 years have been and gone now since I moved from Auckland back to the Bay (yes the real Bay) and Clubfit has become my second home over that time.

I love what I do, being a fitness professional is both rewarding and challenging all at once and everyday throws something a little different at you which keeps me motivated and makes it easy to get up on those early mornings. I started my personal training business because I saw an opportunity to grow as a professional, but mainly because I wanted to bring a more all-round training philosophy to the gym floor.

My approach/philosophy to my clients is a pretty simple one, all based around these areas:

  1. Consistency is king (not just in the fitness world)
  2. Enjoy what you do (it would be a boring life if you didn’t)
  3. Balance (in all areas of training and life)
  4. Success comes in many forms (a scale is just a number nothing else)
  5. Movement (move your body the way it was designed to move)

Let Mark help you with your health & wellbeing journey. Contact him today to make an appointment.